Anastasia Zharkova, Dec 17

Good location, nice teacher and free Portuguese class every Friday night!
I love it!

Anastasia Zharkova, Russia

Peter Pekarik - SlovakiaPerfect way how to learn Portuguese. Focused on communication, interactive, lots of games, informal all in  great environment. Highly recommend to everyone who wants to start from the beginning or wants to improve their existing knowledge.

Peter Pekarik, Slovakia

Kallie Falandays Oct 17

This is the best way to learn Portuguese. The instructor is kind and generous, and she makes everyone feel comfortable with their language abilities. I love going to the language exchanges because I get to learn about cultural facts, learn about my classmates experiences in Porto, and get a better grasp of the language while I’m at it. I would recommend this class to anyone looking to learn the language.

Kallie Falandays, USA

Alan Bigelow - Canada I had a lovely time studying with Sara this past summer.
She was always super friendly and made me feel comfortable from the moment class started. A lot of the class was spent speaking which really helped me quickly gain confidence using the language. Would recommend her classes without any hesitation.

Alan Bigelow, Canada

Anastasia Erogova Sep 17I was delighted to take an intensive course in September 2017. Sara is a wonderful teacher and the atmosphere in her class is always more than welcoming an warm.
I learned a lot and am very happy to have found this nice private school! Highly recommended!

Anastasia Egorova, Russia

Si Eun Seo - South Korea

I took A2 level these past two months. Sara is amazing teacher ever and every class was very nice. If you’re planning to study portuguese and hesitate still, don’t miss this class with Sara!

아주 유익하고 알찬 수업이었습니다^^* 선생님께서 중국에서도 학생을 가르치신 경험이 있어 아시아권 학생에 대한 배려도 많이 해주시고, 제 포르투갈어 실력 자체가 굉장히 많이 좋아져서 강추합니다!!

Si Eun Seo, South Korea

Anna Gatz - Greece

Highly recommended!

Sara is a great teacher that will help you not only to learn the portuguese language but also to discover and love the portuguese culture.

Anna Gatz, Greece

Di Ana 02 - GermanyI took Portuguese Classes at the A1.1 level and they were everything you could wish for! Sara is a very good teacher who is always motivated, encouraging and positive and she knows how to motivate the class as well.

It was a very good learning climate and I really enjoyed going there. During the beginners course you will learn everything you need to know about pronounciation, vocabulary and grammar and you train reading, writing, listening and speaking equally often and equally well! I can only recommend everybody to go to this school, Sara is an amazing teacher!!

Di Ana, Germany

Luise Heinig - GermanyHey everyone!

I made an A2 Portuguese Course in Português Comum and it was a super good experience. Sara is a great and very professional teacher who shared not only her language with us but also many interesting things about portuguese culture and the life in Porto. Our group was small, the lessons were structured very well and combined various teaching methods – so every class was diversified and fun.

Enjoying sunset and having an awesome view on Porto during the lessons …was the cherry on the cake!

I can highly recommend this language school.

Luise Heinig, Germany

Martyna Jucevičiūtė - LithuaniaHello dear people!

Are you still thinking where to start learning Portuguese language? Don’t. Go to these course!

Don’t be afraid if you have no idea how to speak Portuguese or even if you are not sure how to pronounce Olá! Sara is the best person to teach you from really really beginning.

A1 Level Course is to those students that never studied Portuguese before. During classes we started learn basics of grammar, writing, also did reading, listening, and speaking tasks. These classes are about communication and I really enjoyed it.

Martyna Jucevičiūtė, Lithuania

Eva-Maria Knd - AustriaI took the intense B1 Portuguese course and I really loved it. Of course it was intense, but I really learned a lot and the atmosphere during classes was really very nice. It was not stressful at all! Just super fun and I always looked forward to the next class.
The teacher was always in a good mood and explained everything in a pace easy to follow. She uses different methods of teaching. One lesson we spent outside to apply what we learned. You really feel that she cares …about you and helps you to obtain your targets. Furthermore, she is reliable and you count on her in terms of punctuality.
Besides that the location is amazing. It is just a few steps from the metro Bolhão! Another nice thing is the amazing view you have over the whole city from the classroom! …sometimes you can even see the sea!
To sum up: I already had bad experience with other language schools, so I know the difference and I really recommend Português Comum!

Eva-Maria Knd, Austria

LegendOf Sunshine Sun - Bosnia


You will love this classes. Professional, excellent, flexible are one of important things when you learning new language in another country.

Sun, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Claire Lambert - France

The teacher is good and definitly an excellent ambassador of her country.
Thanks to her taste for transmission, she knows how transform a lesson of Portuguese into a moment of pleasure !
The office of the school is also very great, intimate and you can feel like home when you enter in it. And one more thing, you can enjoy a fantastic view of the city.

Claire Lambert, France

I have stuSimona Danciu - Romeniadied Portuguese for 3 modules, from the level A1 until the level B1. Every morning I came to Portuguese classes fool of enthusiasm and in a good mood, anxious to hear new interesting information and have pleasant discussions with the teacher and my colleagues.

The Portuguese classes bring a lot of information, but the way the teacher conveys it to the students is relaxing and fun, so when you leave the class you feel like you´ve been to a chat with friends. I enjoyed the lessons from the first moment.

Simona Danciu, Romenia

Begüm Pamuk - Turkey

I have just finished B1 level. I have really enjoyed the course and learned many new subjects of this language.

I definitely suggest you to come and have a look into here and also you will love the course location and the class! You will not regret it!

Agora, vou falar Português mais e melhor.

Begüm Pamuk, Turkey

Eline Hendrix - NL

Thank you so much for the language course. The best thing was that they took our activities in Porto into account.

This helped us a lot during our internships and our jobs.

Eline Hendrix, Netherlands

Inés García Marín - Spain

The teacher is really qualified and funny. She will make you have fun in the classes.

I definitely recommend this school to you.

Inés García Marín, Spain